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The case for wiggle room

In one of my earlier metamorphoses, I worked in sales. I like working with people; I do have that gift of gab and, if I believe in something, I can be persuasive. And with the benefit of hindsight, it probably wasn’t bad training for a psychotherapist. I think my interview where I had to “sell” […]

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How about a dream exercise?

Dreams can be powerful tools.Dreams can help us work through the sensory input of the day, digesting the bits and pieces in swirling scenarios.  Dreams can serve as platforms for unexpressed feelings, tensions and conflicts.  Dreams can offer insights and serve as a light into our unconscious.  Dreams can be prescient; in other words, they […]

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The ten spiritual lessons of relationships

You cannot escape relationships. They are everywhere. They are the connective tissue of life. Be it friend, spouse, child, sibling, coworker, or neighbor, life is filled with relationships of varying dimensions, connections, and intensities. Each of us is a product of some kind of connection. In fact, we are born into Relationship 101 — a.k.a. […]

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