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Asking, trusting, and allowing

Amanda Palmer, rock musician, presents this TED talk on the Art of Asking. This is not your everyday talk. It is creative, unique, and explores how we exchange with one another from a place of vulnerability. PS I just connected the dots. Palmer is also, as of 2011, the wife of writer Neil Gaiman. What an interesting […]

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The Goody Good Girl Syndrome

Women of certain generations were brought up to please, aid, assist, and make life easier for everyone. They were trained to be the most excellent of handmaidens and helpmates. It was their raison d’être. They were not to stand out, stand above, or be noticed. They were to be the silent and ever-present servers and […]

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But mommy, I was the queen!

Does your child have repeated nightmares remembering a traumatic death? Does your child make seemingly wild statements about the past and later those very statements can be verified? Think past lives are topics relegated to the far-out, far-flung and woo-woo inclined? Think again. Your child may be remembering a past life. “At the University of […]

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