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End of January slump? Take heart, we’ve got perspective.

End of January slump? Take heart, Lovies, we’ve got perspective and higher vibrational guidance. Do you feel like you are treading the same muddy waters? Have your old demons settled in and made themselves all-too comfortable in your psyche? You want to scream to the Universe, “Enough, already. Haven’t I dealt with these issues countless […]

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Two questions for energetic coherence

If you are a sensitive type or a highly sensitive person, there are two small questions, a big eight words in toto, that you can use as a guide to determine if you are currently in energetic coherence. These very simple questions take us to the essential immediately: What am I doing? Who am I […]

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The unsung hero

This is a popular ad from Thailand that reminds us that goodness counts and the impact of mindful service.  It’s all about paying it forward. Enjoy this sweet, hopeful reminder. Helping is, indeed, good medicine. Much love and light to you all.  

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