Archive | August, 2015

Got stress?

Do you have a monkey mind that has run amok?  Is there lots of chatter ricocheting around your cranium?  Is there so much clamor and internal conversation that it’s standing room only in your head?  Like the deli counter, do you need to take a number to discern which inner voice has taken over the […]

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Invite your demons to tea

This wonderful exercise is from the Buddhist tradition.  Imagine this, if you will: You head to the special gourmet market, high-end bakery and flower shop.  You purchase the most sumptuous of delicacies and the most extravagant arrangement of early spring flowers.  Once home, you unearth your finest table linens, which you wash and iron to […]

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The alchemy of smiling

It’s easy enough to do.  No one teaches you how to smile.  There are no courses that teach smiling.  This behavior is built into our DNA.  Babies are known to smile in the womb and in their infancy.  These smiles are simply reflexive facial movements, but as early as six weeks of age babies smile […]

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