Archive | October, 2015

Na’ama Yehuda: On the Matter of Monsters

Zane’s mother looked exhausted. I asked her if all was well. “He won’t go to sleep unless I’m with him, he is taking forever to fall asleep and waking me up several times every night,” she sighed. “It is exhausting.” “How come?” I asked, looking from the preschooler to his mother. “It’s the monsters,” he […]

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The Enchanted Forest of Puzzlement

Part 1: A Story Once upon a time, a traveler walked down a well-marked path. The more the traveler walked, the more confident she became. She felt more and more empowered with each purposeful stride. On this particular day, the air temperature was just right; the sky was that expansive, everything-is-possible blue, and there were […]

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