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The flow of focus

It’s sometimes so hard to maintain our focus. The world is full of so many delicious distractions. It almost seems easier to be preoccupied. Focus requires commitment and dedication. Focus demands our complete, unadulterated attention. Sustained focus is an act of will that delivers us into a channel of flow. Focus moves us from the […]

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The message of resentments

Have you ever felt supreme resentment over another’s action? How dare they do that to you, you of all people! You have always been there for them. You have sacrificed for them. You have rearranged your life for them. They have the unmitigated gall to ignore, hurt or rebuff you. How could they! Sound familiar? […]

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Crash, bang, boom

There is a day when you cross a threshold. You walk into another space of consciousness, a place where you decide you have had enough. No more. You are done. Finished. You cannot carry another burden, manage another effort or create another strategy. You have reached a limit; actually, you have surpassed that limit and […]

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