50 ways to feed your soul

If you recall, Paul Simon had a song about 50 ways to leave your lover. Today, I give you 50 ways to feed your soul. These can serve as jumping-off points for your own great imagination as you remember to wind-down and tune-in to that which animates you and restores the very core of your being.

The soul yearns for beauty, art, harmony, stillness, awe, a connection with the cosmos, communion with others, and moments of play.  It desires illumination with all that makes us feel whole, a part of, and in the flow. The soul revels in joy and merry making; it delights in creative expression.  The soul is nurtured by authentic and genuine responses.  The soul lives in the moment.

Here are some suggestions to feed your soul on this very busy Planet Earth:

1. Have a pillow fight.
2. Sit in the garden.
3. Wrap yourself in quietude.
4. Smell a rose.
5. Smell a baby.
6. Smell your lover’s neck.
7. Surrender to love.
8. Surrender to silliness.
9. Think of possibilities.
10. Doodle.
11. Let go.
12. Let God.
13. Let someone else have a turn.
14. Watch a rain storm.
15. Listen to beautiful music.
16. Pay it forward.
17. Dream with the moon.
18. Jump into a mound of leaves.
19. Take a walk in the snow.
20. Swim with the dolphins.
21. Walk in a forest.
22. Have your feet massaged.
23. Buy yourself flowers.
24. Enchant a child with a story.
25. Open your clown chakra.
26. Laugh and giggle; romp and play.
27. Stop.
28. Look at beauty.
29. Make something.
30. Forgive yourself – for everything.

31. Take a stroll at sunset.
32. Sing in the shower.
33. Dance in the kitchen.
34. Have a conversation by candlelight.
35. Play in the dirt.
36. Climb into your bed with clean sheets.
37. Bake bread.
38. Talk with your ancestors.
39. Take a morning for yourself.
40. Read before breakfast.
41. Climb to the top of the mountain.
42. Lend a hand.
43. Hold hands.
44. Finger paint.
45. Listen to the ocean.
46. Take a nap on the couch.
47. Take an aromatic bath.
48. Practice kindness.
49. Play with a puppy.
50. Be willing to learn the lessons that joy can teach.

(This piece is excerpted from my first book, Balancing Act: Reflections, Meditations, and Coping Strategies for Today’s Fast-Paced Whirl.)

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