7 tips for slip-sliding through the dimensions

istockphoto_3459685-baby-alien-cartoonHas it happened to you? Are you feeling like a stranger in your own skin? Have you had moments where you felt as if you have walked through a portal? You walk into the post office and you feel — for a few seconds — as if another part of you has taken a quick trip into an alternative time-space dimension?

Have you felt momentarily altered — without benefit of substances? Are you occasionally dizzy or disoriented for no discernible reason? Have you had flashes of color or light appear — seemingly out of nowhere — before you? Have you experienced powerful symbols, unusual sounds or odd physical sensations (especially around the head and neck, particularly at night or during meditation) present themselves to you?

Clearly, momentarily is the operative word here. I am talking about high-functioning, mentally and emotionally stable individuals who find themselves feeling — quite frankly — weird in assorted, discrete moments in their lives. It can be disconcerting and, even, alarming, especially if you are new to the world of energy.

If any of this resonates with you, may I suggest that your wonderfully sensitive and highly energetic self is slip-sliding through the dimensions and opening to new energies. For many at this time, these new emerging energies are those connecting with our star families. Yes, I am talking ET’s.

In the not-so-distant past, the term ET — as in extra terrestrial – was often met with an eye-roll and attendant snicker, a dismissive nod to the speaker’s obvious craziness or the Hollywood-amplified fear of the unknown-surely-must-be-menacing-and-dastardly outer-space demon. But these days even the Vatican allows that our space family is real. And in the coming months, more and more acknowledgment of and information about our star friends will be coming forward. Our world will, once again, be expanded by new concepts.

Energy 101, along with quantum physics, tells us that everything is energy. As our consciousness expands and awareness increases, doesn’t it follow that also our energies would expand and increase as well? For some of you who are sensitively attuned and energetically aligned, these increased vibrations from our star friends can shake, rattle and roll the physical container. What’s a body to do?

My suggestions:

Listen to your body.

I know, I know this is my flair for the obvious, but, really, this makes the most sense. If your body wants more protein, more water, more chocolate, more rest … whatever, consider honoring the request. Not only do you become more attuned to what your body needs and wants, you facilitate the whole process simply by attentively listening and allowing what is needed at this moment in time. Nothing is static: change is ever-present. Therefore, listen, and listen again to refinements and course corrections as they are proffered.

Increase your quiet time.

Be it walks in nature, listening to classical music, staring out the window, taking copious naps, saying no to the late night, allow yourself more downtime. Your physical self will adjust to the increased frequencies more easily. You are not pushing against outflow as you try to receive inflow; you create space so that you can readily receive and absorb more of the incoming.

Consider salt baths.

Add some salt to your bath water. It can be Epsom salts, Himalayan salts, baking soda, rock salt, bath salts or the like. You will cleanse as well as boost your energetic matrix. If you are someone sans tub, try a foot bath; that can also serve the same purpose, albeit in a more limited fashion.

Be like the penguin.

Energetically speaking, penguins are expert at slip-sliding through the dimensions and taking it all as it comes without any great serious overlay. Accept. Play. Be. Allow yourself more play. Fun is here-and-now energy. Fun and creativity serve as the great cosmic lubricants that allow your energies to flow more easily. Further, they increase the slip-sliding inter-dimensionality as you fully engage your active imagination which is rooted in your psyche (think: soul).

Take notes.

To help you as you walk your path, it is helpful to understand some of your personal symbology. What symbols, signs, body symptoms, sounds, dreams and the like keep reappearing? Consider what these signs might mean to you. If you are stuck, pull out pen and paper and dialogue. For example, if there is a repeated tightness at the back of your neck that has nothing to do with stress or injury, ask the pain to talk to you. It might feel silly and contrived when you begin, but if you persist, there will be answers. And be advised: answers can come in multitudinous forms — an overheard remark, a snippet from a TV show, a paragraph in a book, a comment from a friend. Be alert and have fun, the universe as well as your spiritual allies always want to help you.

Keep yourself safe and sane.

In other words, only take steps that keep you whole. If you feel close to your personal tipping point from all the energies, you can slow down the energies or stop them all together. You can do this through any combination of using your intentions, strengthening your auric field, tightening your crown chakra, asking your spiritual allies to slow down the energies to a manageable trickle or stop them completely. And do not be afraid to ask for help or guidance along the way. It never hurts to get some extra support when you are opening to some major energies.

• Treat yourself gently.

This is a not a race or a competition. Needless to say, we share commonalities, but every experience is unique. We each have our own soul contracts, karma, life lessons, soul agreements and so forth. Remember: nothing happens a minute sooner or a minute later until it is ready; the universe’s clock keeps perfect time.

And so it is. Take very good care, dear ones. These are exciting and accelerated times.

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2 Responses to 7 tips for slip-sliding through the dimensions

  1. Adele Ryan McDowell June 7, 2016 at 11:48 pm #

    Thank you, dear Adrienne!

  2. adrienne May 29, 2016 at 1:41 am #

    So true
    Wish everyone would listen and hear