Are you on speaking terms with your troll?

Are you on speaking terms with that incessant, nagging voice in your head, the voice that tells you that you are a total zero, a complete failure who mucks up everything? You know what I mean. That gnarly, ugly, short-sighted, demanding, harsh, never-satisfied little being with the big voice that is hunkered down deep within your being. It’s always criticizing and belittling you.

Your inner troll is always there telling you in no uncertain terms where you messed up or why you will never succeed. Your troll loudly whispers unending caustic comments and criticism and demands a high toll of your time and energy.

When your troll gets through reading you the riot act, there are some days you wonder if you have the wherewithal to get from Point A to Point B, much less work your way out of a paper bag. It’s not easy being the target of your troll’s vitriol.

What to do? Seth Grodin offers some good advice:

The worst troll is in your head…
that voice of insecurity and self-criticism,
that’s the one you need to be the most vigilant about.
Do not feed the troll. Do not reason with the troll.
Do not argue with the troll. Most of all, don’t litigate.
Don’t make your case, call your witnesses,
prove you are right. Because the troll knows how
to sway a jury even better than you do.
Get off the troll train.     ~ Seth Grodin

Make today the day you decide to jump off the troll train.  Jump quickly. Thank your troll for whatever lessons you might have learned or for simply being a counterpoint to your evolving self-acceptance.

Once you decide to unshackle yourself from your inner troll, you take the first step towards self-healing.

There is no healing without acceptance. Be gentle and forgive yourself for being human and making choices with the consciousness/history/fears/circumstances you had at the time.

Have compassion for yourself, as you would for a dear friend.

Begin anew by acknowledging all that you are and all that you do. You know you have done so much with that big heart of yours. Don’t readily dismiss yourself.

Stop and take the time to honor yourself. You raised your soul hand to be here now and the world desperately needs you — not the snarky lashings of your inner troll — and your light.

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One Response to Are you on speaking terms with your troll?

  1. Dianna May 25, 2015 at 10:52 am #

    I love the way you say the troll has taken a toll. Perfect timing. We did an exercise in a writing class in graduate school and drew our trolls and put words in little captions. Funny how so much of the criticism sounds like the critical mother. Happily catching up on your blog today.