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Everyday Peace

Thursday, September 21 is International Peace Day. To honor this very worthy occasion, I am sharing, again, an essay on peace for your kind consideration. Peace starts with each and every one of us. It shows its face in how we react and respond to everything that comes our way in our daily parade of […]

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The lessons of waiting

Waiting for important information is never easy. You know how it is. You are filled with anticipation. You keep looking at the clock. Your mind is a Tilt-a-whirl of scenarios and possibilities. You don’t know what’s coming. Is the answer yes or no? Is the news good or bad? You have no idea. Your wait […]

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An emotional hangover

Ever have one of those weeks when there is palpable, anger-inciting tension between you and a family member? Or you have had a crushing misunderstanding with one of your dearest friends? Or there is an incident at work that has had you mumbling obscenities under your breath and double-checking your pension benefits? As a result […]

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The flow of focus

It’s sometimes so hard to maintain our focus. The world is full of so many delicious distractions. It almost seems easier to be preoccupied. Focus requires commitment and dedication. Focus demands our complete, unadulterated attention. Sustained focus is an act of will that delivers us into a channel of flow. Focus moves us from the […]

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