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What I am grateful for this Thanksgiving

Generally speaking, I am grateful type. I say, “Thank you, God” with regular frequency. I acknowledge drivers when they let me merge into traffic from an uphill entry ramp and am appreciative of any and all assistance, information, and service. Unexpected beauty in nature can stop me in my tracks with awe and gratitude. Hopefully, […]

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A day to remember: honoring veterans

An encore piece from 2012: In the small hamlet of Bankfoot, Scotland, it’s a chilly, gray morning. People dressed in their Sunday best walk quickly to the local Cenotaph –what is considered an empty tomb. This one, an obelisk-style monument on top of a hill, is erected in honor of those who have served in […]

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I salute the penguin in all of us!

I salute the part of us that runs to help, the part that runs into the fray and not away from it. I applaud the part of us that feeds the hungry. I honor the part of us that protects our kids and makes sure our children are nourished, nurtured, and guided. I honor the part […]

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