Balancing the crash, bang, boom

fear faceThere is a day when you cross a threshold. You walk into another space of consciousness, a place where you decide you have had enough. No more. You are done. Finished. You cannot carry another burden, manage another effort, or create another strategy. You have reached a limit. Actually you have surpassed that limit and are at the place of no return. There will be no more strings of never-ending late nights, working weekends, on-call holidays, or last-minute travel.

You realize, with stunning clarity, that you alone are responsible for you. If you do not stop and execute some serious self-care, you are headed for a crash.

Crashing is not pretty. It forces you to attend to yourself. Your body might give out in some way and necessitate that you stop immediately and learn firsthand about self-care. Or you might find yourself overwhelmed mentally and overloaded emotionally, and your only possible response is a hasty retreat from the daily fray as you can no longer tolerate a single demand, query, or stressor. Further, your spirit may have grown weary, and you can be pushed to simply be, allowing silence and quietude to help heal your battered soul.

No matter how often family or friends rail at you to take time and slow down, the choice is singularly yours to create different options and possibilities for yourself.

Before the crash, bang, boom happens, you can decide to cross the threshold into a less stressful life. With choice, you allow that there is another door for you to open, or, at the very least, another way for you to open the door.

 “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”
                                                         Lao Tzu 

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2 Responses to Balancing the crash, bang, boom

  1. Adele Ryan McDowell October 4, 2014 at 2:18 pm #

    Well said, Na’ama. And like you, I believe we all have a hand in the evolution of the planet. I suspect the dinosaurs would roar in agreement.

  2. Na'ama Yehuda September 30, 2014 at 11:49 am #

    I love the quote … 🙂

    Love the reminder of self-care. This beginning of school year, of Jewish holidays, of return to full schedules after a summer break, it is a prime time for over-stretching and taking on too much. A few parents of clients had mini-breakdowns here already, dissolving into tears of overwhelm from trying to juggle new schedules and transporting little ones from therapy to class to sport to home to school, and still finding time to do all that they feel they need to do to be a ‘good parent’, let alone an adult with personal needs. A few little ones had their own meltdowns, reflecting their care-givers’ overwhelm and their own over-scheduled little lives.
    Between calming down, hugging, listening, being with … I have found it comes down to a kind of mantra: Boundaries. Boundaries. Breathe. Repeat …

    And yes, if we do not change where we are heading–personally as well as universally and as a species and a planet–we may end up where we are going … and not like one bit the look and feel of the destination. Had a discussion just the other day with someone who claimed that none of the issues facing the planet are man-made, and that climate change is hype and war mongering. “The planet has gone through changes before” that person stated, a tad defensively, “it got too hot before, and too cold. Humans are hardly a speck on the radar screen of the world, nothing we do affects it more than it affects itself. If the world shifts, it’ll shift, is all.”
    “Yes,” I answered, “The world does shift, and we are helping it along … We also know what happens when it tilts beyond a balance point … look at the dinosaurs …”

    May we all pause, stop, recuperate, re-calibrate … no need for crash-bang-boom …