Being resilient

bearbathLife can be challenging, full of unexpected events that turn your world upside down.  Everything can go into a spin, and you can find yourself overwhelmed and feeling out of control.  It can be hard to find your footing, much less get clear-headed on what you think or feel.  To aid and abet your process, here are a few coping strategies to help you refind your balance and maintain equanimity:

Maintain perspective and remember the long view.  Like the eagle that flies high in the sky and looks down at the ground below, the long view widens your perspective and adds some detachment.  You step away from the immediate and are able to look at the whole.

Keep the faith in your abilities to weather the storm and to find some resolution and healing in the challenges before you.  Attitude and intention are potent energy medicine.

Release the excess energy and tension that make you tight, taut, tense and cranky.

You might be one to simmer, sit, stew, obsess, ruminate, nitpick, worry, fret, agonize or perseverate.  Your sleep may be disturbed; your eating might be off or very on.  Your temper could be short; your fear might be long.  You may feel as if you are unraveling.  Most likely, you are experiencing sensory overload – too much bad news, too many demands, limited resources, too much to juggle, too much to shoulder.

You can discharge your excess energy in one of two ways: the physical and the expressive.  The physical includes any kind of movement, exercise, walking, dancing, making love and the like. The expressive is about releasing by way of a heart-to-heart talk, writing, singing, drawing or any another creative endeavor that funnels the excess energy out of your system.  Once it has been drained, you will become more effective.


It sounds so basic.  You do it every day – without thinking.  However, a regular practice of a dozen deep breaths, a few times a day, can reground you in you, help you reconnect with your physical self and decrease stress.  It’s simple; it’s a no-brainer and so easy to do.  You oxygenate your body; you re-inhabit yourself; and you become more clear-headed, less frazzled and able to deal a bit better.  It can’t hurt, and it works.

Follow Gandhi’s advice: “Be the change you want to see.”
If you accept that everything is energy, wouldn’t it follow that every one of your actions is a kind of energetic input that impacts not only your existence, but that of the world as well?  Every action makes a difference.  Quantum physics has proved this.  Therefore, consider being your Highest Self and act with integrity; treat everyone like your brother/sister, work for peaceful and respectful resolutions and offer a hand to help those in need.  In doing this, you become a powerful change agent that helps create the shift towards a more responsible, conscious, interconnected and caring world.

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