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Welcome, Class, to Advanced Uncertainty

Is your world more down than up? Has sideways become your new vertical? Have your health, sanity, relationships, future plans, money, housing and/or employment concerns been in bucking-bronco states of flux? Have global warming, political warring, economic forecasting, ecological nightmares and cresting costs-of-living upped your blood pressure, lowered your sleep quotient and played havoc with […]

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Balancing attention

A few bon mots from Adele’s Balancing Act: Reflections, Meditations, and Coping Strategies for Today’s Fast-Paced Whirl. It’s not easy being a free-floating entity in a jam-packed cosmos that competes for one of your most precious resources, your attention. Attention is a matter of personal choice.  We often forget that we have choice, and choice […]

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