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Deep fatigue

Are you ready to acknowledge the deep level of fatigue that has settled into your body? You have run hither and thither; you have done this and that; you have been responsible and responsive. You have, on more than one occasion, overdrawn on your reserves. You have no more to give; there is nothing else […]

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Hello, Balance, my old friend

When our world is out of whack, fragile and upside-down, we desperately go in search of our balance, that je ne sais quoi that helps us refind ourselves and reclaim our respective centers. Balance is a difficult space to inhabit and even more difficult to sustain given our fast-past, Tilt-a-Whirl world and the demands we […]

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Help, I fell off my yoga mat

It’s Monday. It’s been a long couple of weeks and who knows what the coming weeks will bring. With that in mind, I am reposting a favorite for your enjoyment pleasure as well as a good reminder for me who has to find her gym bag again. Ever have one of those days? You are […]

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