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The power of choice

When you have a choice, consider if you are making your choice out of fear or out of faith? And by faith, I mean faith in yourself, your abilities, resourcefulness, creativity, skills, tenacity as well as faith in whatever you call the sacred and numinous. If you are a student of life, you have undoubtedly […]

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Let’s talk dueling polarities

Mother Earth is home of the universal push/pull of life and death, creation and destruction. We see these polarities reflected in abundance vs. poverty, greed vs. hunger, abuse vs. respect, birth vs. death, sacred vs. profane, soulful vs. soul loss, and in all conflicts, fights, and struggles. All of these tugs-of-war are representative of the […]

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The afternoon of our lives

Someone named this post-60 years-of-age phase of life the “golden years.”  Hmmm …not my favorite descriptive. Some might call it the “cocktail hour” of their lives, that in-between time, where nothing is expected or required which can easily be filled with drive-by chatter, bandied opinions, air-kissing, and little expectation save the gay froth of pastel-colored […]

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May a good vision catch me May a benevolent vision take hold of me, and move me May a deep and full vision come over me, and burst open around me May a luminous vision inform me, enfold me. May I awaken into the story that surrounds, May I awaken into the beautiful story. May […]

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The 7 Essential Questions

It’s spring here in the northeast. The forsythia branches are showing their first spurts of yellow; the air is warmer; and the puppy dogs on the street are friskier because the world is a-w-a-k-e and alive and full of good things to sniff out and smell. These spring energies of rebirth and regeneration prompt feelings […]

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Let’s call it a year

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, I had a chat with a dear friend who said, “It already feels like Christmas.” “Oh, because the stores are decorated and they are playing Christmas carols on the radio?” “No, it feels like the end of the year. It’s time to stay in our pajamas and watch Netflix.” I like […]

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Are you Jesus?

Hello, lovies, it is Passover and Easter Week, followed by an astrological Grand Cross. In other words, the energies are percolating. We are going to be called to walk in our integrity, swim the deep waters of reflection and expanded consciousness, and proudly wear our open hearts. Are you ready? I think you have never […]

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