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What’s the story with The Shack?

The Shack by Wm. Paul Young was on The New York Times bestseller list (2008-2010). This book generated a great deal of conversation. Some loved it; some hated it. And recently, The Shack was released as an “American-Christian fantasy film” complete with country and Christian music. In 2007, Young wrote this book as a Christmas […]

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What can we do after Orlando?

50 dead, 53 injured. Traumatized survivors. Doubled-over loved ones. A city, a state, a nation reeling in disbelief and horror. The worst mass shooting in US history. This kind of tragedy brings us to our knees. And it gives us pause. What can we do after Orlando? The short answer: love more. It’s that simple. […]

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Messages from the other side

Once upon a time, a woman, let’s call her Shirley, lost her husband to the ravages of cancer. It had been a long and arduous battle. Shirley was completely depleted on every level. After the funeral service, everyone returned to the house. The coffee pot was plugged in; neighbors brought in food. Shirley excused herself […]

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