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Happy Halloween

Halloween is here! I love this time of year. There is the snap of fall weather and the crunch of leaves. There are flickering pumpkins and kids hopping up and down with delight in their costumed glory. And, of course, there is chocolate and other sweet treats. Truly, a great holiday. And this holiday could […]

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Merry Merry to the Shining Star you are

Dearest One, You are made of star stuff. You hold a template of high vibratory love, wisdom and consciousness.  You are more than you realize, always were and always will be. Through your creative expressions, acts of service, generosity of all varieties, big picture thinking, compassionate hearts, prayers for others, blessings on strangers, untold kindnesses […]

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Trick or Treat

This cartoon makes me laugh! Happy Halloween! I remember my childhood Halloweens in Texas. The neighborhoods teaming with kids and their parents. It seemed — without fail — that we would get a cold snap and I would have to wear a sweater over my costume. One year, my round physique notwithstanding, I wore a […]

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The four lessons of penguins

Today is World Penguin Day. It’s the perfect day to acknowledge the lessons of our tuxedo’d friends. (They do have a sense of style, don’t you think?) Penguins are harbingers of climate change. They understand all too well the reality of global warming. The Emperor Penguins of Antarctica have found that many of their usual […]

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The best Easter message

My wonderfully wise friend Priscilla attended Easter Sunday services today. She said she was amazed the church roof didn’t cave in given it’s been while. Priscilla left church surprisingly revitalized. She walked out into the sunshine with a memorable take-away from the service. That take-away was “Roll back the stone.” Isn’t that fabulous? I think […]

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The vibrational hum of love

Love is not one sizes fits all, much less, one size fits most. Love is a very personal and idiosyncratic force. Love can expand, shrink, shift and alter. Love can take us captive and make us blind. Love can make room for miracles. Love can heal, and, even, hurt. Love is a mighty and potent […]

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