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A pause for gratitude

Research studies have shown that gratitude increases happiness and life satisfaction, enhances other positive emotions, reduces anxiety and depression, increases our resilience, allows us to sleep better, and strengthens relationships, to name a few of its many benefits. In other words, the practice of gratitude can be a game-changer in making our lives happier and […]

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Happy Halloween

Halloween is here! I love this time of year. There is the snap of fall weather and the crunch of leaves. There are flickering pumpkins and kids hopping up and down with delight in their costumed glory. And, of course, there is chocolate and other sweet treats. Truly, a great holiday. And this holiday could […]

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Merry Merry to the Shining Star you are

Dearest One, You are made of star stuff. You hold a template of high vibratory love, wisdom and consciousness.  You are more than you realize, always were and always will be. Through your creative expressions, acts of service, generosity of all varieties, big picture thinking, compassionate hearts, prayers for others, blessings on strangers, untold kindnesses […]

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