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I’m right … and you’re not

That’s right: There is no discussion; there is no equivocation. The door is closed; the conversation is over. I have holstered my pointing finger that wagged so definitively in your direction. I have recovered from my case of eye-rolling; there is no more exasperated and exaggerated sighing. I have stormed off in a fit of […]

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Mother Teresa’s doctor

This talk is approximately 15 minutes of wonderfulness from Dr. George Lombardi, an infectious disease specialist who came to treat Mother Teresa. This was part of  2012 The Moth and World Science Festival. The theme was Stories of Flashpoints. In a very funny, real, and heartfelt way, Dr. Lombardi tells us how he was approached and came to help […]

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Holy Mole

This made me laugh. Click on the photo to get a bigger, better cartoon. Many thanks to Rick from Holy Mole cartoons ( sharing this great one with us.

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