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Na’ama Yehuda: On the Matter of Monsters

Zane’s mother looked exhausted. I asked her if all was well. “He won’t go to sleep unless I’m with him, he is taking forever to fall asleep and waking me up several times every night,” she sighed. “It is exhausting.” “How come?” I asked, looking from the preschooler to his mother. “It’s the monsters,” he […]

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Fatherly thoughts

Over eight days in June, there is the trifecta of Father’s Day, my father’s birthday, and the anniversary of his death (36 years ago this year). If alive, my father would be 101 this year. This particular trio activates memories of a father who graduated a Jesuit college as a philosophy major (and, boy, did […]

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You wrote this book about me

Recently, I had the undeniable pleasure of having dinner with a rock star. No acoustic guitar or thumping drums here, this star is Julia Cook, a former teacher and school guidance counselor, who now rocks kids’ worlds. More specifically, she is an award-winning children’s book author, parenting expert, and favored inspirational keynote speaker. Julia takes […]

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