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Excited. Book. Launch. Help.

  I finished THE book!  My book, Making Peace with Suicide: A Book of Hope, Understanding, and Comfort has been released. I am over-the-moon excited. This has been a long-time coming (almost 3 years) and a profound personal process as well. Everywhere I go there is always someone who has a story to tell me. Suicide […]

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10 everyday ways we can help to prevent suicide

Suicide is a global epidemic. We are all connected. What can we do to make a difference? Here are 10 ways to tip the scales in a more favorable direction. Our every action, intention, and belief counts. Be neighborly and reach out to decrease loneliness and isolation. Become the anti-bully. Become tolerant of others. Don’t […]

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Robin Williams, the whole trip to Oz

The shocking news of Robin Williams’ suicide has left us all heartbroken and reeling. Robin’s death seems so antithetical to the Robin we saw brimming with life. He took on the world with his cutting-edge humor and supersonic mind. He was a trip unto himself. We would stay up late knowing Robin Williams was on […]

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