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Discerning your soul’s truth

Especially in today’s topsy-turvy and conflicted world, we wonder what is t-r-u-t-h. There is absolute truth and relative truth. Truth is personal. It is predicated on our individual perspective, belief systems, experiences, cultural norms, geography and, even, physical placement in the world. We doubt. We question. We wonder what is certain and clear. How do […]

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Staying Close as You Say Goodbye

The energies are rattling pell mell through the universe and change is everywhere. Can you relate? In my life, the gods have made it perfectly clear through circumstance and intuition that there are some significant long-term relationships in my life, both professional and personal, that call for conclusion. For assorted reasons, it’s time to wrap […]

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The Enchanted Forest of Puzzlement

Part 1: A Story Once upon a time, a traveler walked down a well-marked path. The more the traveler walked, the more confident she became. She felt more and more empowered with each purposeful stride. On this particular day, the air temperature was just right; the sky was that expansive, everything-is-possible blue, and there were […]

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