Down with the wishy-washy and half-hearted

Experiment from Rob Brezsny:

“Weed out the wishy-washy wishes and lukewarm longings
that keep you distracted from your burning desires.”

You know that wishy-washy, kind of, sort of, maybe, half-hearted state of being. When we equivocate, a part of us might be unsure, doesn’t want to make the change or is resistant (aka fearful) on some unconscious or conscious level.

To move into a more certain and secure state of being requires that we dig deep and find the impediment or block. Think of the kid part within each of us, the kid who tries to protect us, who remembers feeling small and powerless, who feels put-downs and limitations. That kid part needs to feel heard, reassured and not alone. And once that kid part feels more whole and integrated with the adult part of us, we can clear the decks for some serious dreams, goals and aspirations. We tap into our self-confidence. We hold hands with the Powers That Be. We call in high vibes and helpful synchronicities.

There is power in attention and intention, especially when we are both feet in and completely focused. Total attention and intention, i.e., commitment, can be magical. The universe conspires to help us. There are surprises and gifts along the way. We have set the stage for an unfolding journey.

Seriously contemplate and consider. Then, out with the wishy-washy and discern what lights you up and sends your soul soaring. Give your dreams wings and fill them with life.

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