I salute the penguin in all of us!

I salute the part of us that runs to help, the part that runs into the fray and not away from it. I applaud the part of us that feeds the hungry. I honor the part of us that protects our kids and makes sure our children are nourished, nurtured, and guided. I honor the part that withstands hardship, cold, and hunger for the ones we love. I celebrate the part of us that dives deep and likes to be present and take in the wonders of the world. I love that penguin part of us that values connection and shared responsibilities; I delight in the part of us that likes to play with our friends and relax into the joy of being with one another. I celebrate the faithfulness to loved ones, the strong imperative to protect the children, the need for community and connection, and the delight in nature. And, I get a kick of how swell is it that we can always pull something black and white out of our closet to look ever-chic and pulled together as we follow a caring path and become more like our penguin pals.

Thank you, penguins for reminding us of the way.

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