Katrina Series: Part 7, the finale

bluewhirlHome Again, Home Again

I return home in a trance state, which lasts for a good six weeks according to my clients and six months according to my sister. I am irrevocably altered and changed. My internal settings have been stretched. I understand even more deeply the great web of connection. I see the fine line between those who help and those who are helped. I feel how we are all one. So “all are one” did I feel that I came home with my own PTSD, I would wake up at night and believe I was still at the Seabee Base. I also returned home with parasites, which energetically are translated as violation of boundaries. I was still connected.

A month after my return from Gulfport, I was scheduled to be in the UK. (The Celtic Isles are my personal shamanic wellspring.) I had intentionally planned to be there over that time period that is called Samhain, Halloween, All Souls Day, Day of the Dead, and All Saints Day. It is the time when the veil is thinnest between the living and the dead.

As the gods would have it, there was a minor glitch on the UK end and a desire on my end to postpone this trip. I chose to take the time and stay home to reground, clear, and heal myself. I also had the opportunity to help a few of the dead transition over to the other side during those highly charged days.

The Pyschopomp Days Begin on All Hallow’s Eve

Oftentimes it begins with the pull chains on my bedside lamp. They start clacking together in the middle of the night. I have learned that this is a sign that someone wants my attention. So, it began for me, over these days of thinned veils and sanctified time, a small parade of persons who are in need of shamanic assistance to help them cross over. My sense is that there are all lost souls who found me on the Waveland beach and were in need of guidance to find the light. Here is who came to me, in the order they appeared:

KATIE is a 5 year old girl. I think she is from Waveland. Her hair is a bit longer than shoulder length and there is a barrette on the left side. She is holding a small chestnut brown teddy bear. She is wearing a red dress with white trim. She is looking for her parents, especially her mommy. This is to be a vertical move. I reassure her that we are going to go to a brighter place where all will be better. I take Katie up—up, up, up as far as we can a channel of light. There is an opening above, a portal if you will, and from there we see the hand of her mom reaching for Katie. They connect and up Katie goes.

PAUL is a young man, seemingly in his 20’s. I think he is from the Louisiana coast. He is tanned, muscled, and in a white sleeveless tee shirt. There is stubble on his face. He looks a bit grimy, dirty, and sweaty. Every time I start with the work, the name Dave appears. It seems that Paul is looking for his brother Dave. I facilitate a horizontal connection as their hands grasp one another. Paul moves on with his brother Dave.

DAN is in his 60’s. He has white hair, is heavy set, and was gambling in a Biloxi-Gulfport casino when the storm hit. He is upset because he wasn’t able to say good-bye to his wife Vera. I suggest that he appear to Vera in the dream state. He tells her that he loves her and that he is always with her. Then his three kids come into the picture. I act as his surrogate and give an ether kiss on the forehead to each of them, his wife and three adult children.

Dan’s adult children are:
• Danny, Jr., who is married, has children, is a very responsible type and is taking care of his mom. Dan, Sr. tells him how much he loves him and how he appreciates what his son is doing for his mother.
• Robert, a.k.a. Bobby, is also married and has one or 2 children. (I think his wife is expecting.) Bobby is very, very sad and Dan, Sr., tells him that it’s ok to be sad, also that he loves him and is around for him. Dan, Sr., tells Bobby not to get stuck in his sadness and to go forward with his life. Dan is concerned that Bobby won’t be able to turn the corner on his life from this loss. Dan also tells his son that there is a Phil down the road who will be interested in his mom and if his mom chooses Phil, Dan asks Bobby to support his mom and be happy for her.
• Ronnie, a.k.a. Veronica, is engaged and furious to have lost her dad. He cannot walk her down the aisle and be there when she gets married. Dan tells her that he understands her anger, and it’s ok to be mad at him. He still loves her.

Dan asks me to act as his surrogate again and to kiss each one good-bye for him. Again, I give each an ether kiss on the forehead. Energetically I can do this more strongly than Dan as I have physical form.

DARRYL  is very fidgety and frightened. I think he is from New Orleans. He strikes me as a chain smoker, and someone who has had a problem with drugs and most likely experienced a rough life. He is childlike, has known trauma, and lived hard. I guess his age to be approximately 37. He can’t sit still even in his spirit state. He is terrified. I ask him to sit next to me (at this moment I am on a bench at a local park at sunset). He is on my left. I ask him to hold my hand, but that doesn’t work too well. So I put my hand on his thigh to settle him. He is very frightened and worried. His anxiety is palpable. I call for one of the baskets they used for rescue in New Orleans. He gets calmer as we move in the basket towards an opening. Darryl finds his uncle and aunt plus grandmother and grandfather waiting for him. He able to move on now that has found a connection. They pull him into the next realm.

JOSEPH is a huge, huge man with rolls of flesh that make his head look smaller than it actually is. He strikes me as a walrus, trying to move his bulk. I see the walrus teeth and mouth and they fit Joseph’s description well. Joseph was in a facility of some sort, like a nursing home or assisted care place, in the New Orleans area. Joseph drowned. (I personally experienced his death.) Joseph still thinks of himself as this person of huge bulk and feels he is forever stuck. He is a tender, sweet man. I convince him to come fly with me. I tell him he can get on my back. He says, “No, no, I will hurt you. I will break your back.” I assure him that he is light now and he can’t hurt me; it is all ok. He is still not convinced. He doesn’t think he can do this. I suggest the basket (like the one I used with Darryl) to move him into the light, but he doesn’t like that idea. I then suggest a magic carpet that can support both of us and if he loses his balance it will hold him and he will be fine to try again. Joseph accepts the magic carpet. We begin to travel. He wants to connect with his mother, Annette. I see Annette waving to us with a lace handkerchief. She is dressed in a rose and grey suit, wearing a hat, and has white curly hair framing her face. Joseph makes the connection with his mother and he makes the transition into the light on his first attempt.

CLINT the farmer is from the Louisiana coast. He is very upset about his cows that died in the storm. I facilitated a good-bye for Clint to his cows. It is very moving and Clint is able to go forward.

In fact, all of these transitions felt very high energy and were emotionally charged. The heartfelt emotions fueled the energetic process. I was honored and blessed to be a part of their respective processes as well as to be of service on the higher planes.

And so it was.

Katrina opened me up and expanded my heart, my worldview, and my comfort levels. My colleagues laughed as this was my very first exposure to portapotties — and not one I am likely to forget. My Red Cross partner Ann was so much fun and full of so much can-do. We worked well together. Leanne, wonder nurse, headed up the Medical Desk and we enjoyed many moments of camaraderie, conversations and shared experiences. And there were so many others who made my Katrina experience memorable. For a short, intense period, we all became family. Believe it or not, it was hard to leave when it was my time to return home. But, actually, I took the whole gestalt of the experience home with me. Like a snow globe you can hold in your hand, I held those images and connections within my heart.

And needless to say, the shamanic experiences altered my perceptions and consciousness. I was indelibly changed by Katrina. And I am forever grateful.

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6 Responses to Katrina Series: Part 7, the finale

  1. Adele Ryan McDowell September 28, 2015 at 5:10 pm #

    Thanks, Dianna. How lovely! xx

  2. Dianna September 28, 2015 at 1:05 pm #

    Thank you for sharing these touching stories of souls reaching out to you and you saying, “Yes, I can help.” And you did. It is a blessing to read.

  3. Adele Ryan McDowell September 24, 2015 at 1:47 am #

    My dear Lin, You are so kind. And I know you do your own kind of magic with so many. It was a tremendous, life-changing experience and I am so grateful. Take precious care and much love

  4. Adele Ryan McDowell September 24, 2015 at 1:45 am #

    Thanks so much, Adrienne. I look forward to hearing your story one day. xx

  5. adrienne September 23, 2015 at 5:07 am #

    Hi Adele
    I remember you talking about your experience at the first Shamanic gathering in Glastonbury UK
    Loved reading all of it.
    My Shamanic and spiritual journey stated for me when i was involved with Hospice in Texas

  6. Lin Nesheim September 22, 2015 at 9:32 pm #

    Omg, Adele! This has been the most wonderful series of stories from you! I am glued to my iPhone reading every single word multiple times. I am thrilled to read all of your stories. Your lyric prose brings your amazing experiences to life. I feel as if I were there with you. I’ve been greatly moved by each blog you’ve written about Katrina. I wish I could’ve been by your side to help. But of course your marvelous gifts gave them so much more than I ever could. I’m sure the gods bless you for all your good work. Your compassion, love and gifts shine through with every word. Thank you for being you. I love you and you’re my angel forever. How utterly remarkable, touching and lovely you are. Thank you so much for sharing.