Let’s talk dueling polarities

Mother Earth is home of the universal push/pull of life and death, creation and destruction. We see these polarities reflected in abundance vs. poverty, greed vs. hunger, abuse vs. respect, birth vs. death, sacred vs. profane, soulful vs. soul loss, and in all conflicts, fights, and struggles. All of these tugs-of-war are representative of the larger whole. Every day we are seeing the battle of life and death or, more energetically described, the battle of light and dark being played out before us.

Polarities force a choice. You are right or wrong, good or bad, north or south, this or that, old or new. On the positive side, polarities can feed creativity, catalyze action, change world-views, form leaders, and create heroes. There is energy in choosing a side and taking a stand. You have used your heart, mind, and gut to form your decision. You rally to fight your cause, defend the underdog, and make your position known. It can feel righteous and honorable.

In light of history, we could easily argue that if we did not “fight the good fight,” the world would be in a more terrible place and, possibly, even, non-existent. That may well be so. However, today’s world seems more fractious than ever and hell-bent on winning at all costs, regardless of the collateral damage.

This reminds me of the 1989 movie The War of the Roses, in which a divorcing couple cannot agree on the terms of their divorce settlement. As a result, they destroy the very home they had so lovingly created over the course of their marriage. The film was billed as a black comedy. To me, it was heartbreaking that individuals could go to such extremes. The result was utter destruction.

Extreme polarities create enemies, feed conflict, feast on opposition, and narrow thinking. Extreme polarities put compassion on the back burner. Extreme polarities do not like compromise, bridge building, or making peace. There is only one right answer and it is theirs. These polarities are all about winning—period.

From a big-picture perspective, polarities obfuscate the fact that everything exists on a continuum, where everything is connected and everything is related. That said, one might also argue that these dueling polarities are the very runway to an understanding of oneness and unity.

From my perspective, our present, ongoing battle of light vs. dark represents our labor pains as we prepare for a new birth of a global shift in consciousness and awareness. Like the caterpillar that has morphed into the nascent butterfly, we, too, are metaphorically beating our wings to free ourselves from the cocoon of constriction and darkness.



2 Responses to Let’s talk dueling polarities

  1. Adele Ryan McDowell November 27, 2018 at 5:20 pm #

    Ah, Na’ama, thank you for your wisdom and compassion. Your words are insightful and healing. I am most grateful. xx

  2. Naama Yehuda November 9, 2018 at 8:02 pm #

    Amen to all you said, Adele.
    Recent times have shown how it is all too easy fall into an “us versus them” mentality (whomever the ‘them’ may be for one group or another) and not forget the reality that we are all connected. Our historical patterns, if not our immediate histories, are all connected:
    The vast majority of those who fear immigrants have been immigrants themselves (in this generation or a few before generations earlier).
    The vast majority of those who are rich now, have known poverty or hardship not that many years or generations ago.
    Many of those who have rights now, did not have rights not that long ago.
    Many who claim to have superior education did not have access to education several generations ago.
    Those who claim superior religion may have been persecuted for it as they seek to minimize or trivialize another religion or belief system now.
    It stretches along a continuum of history, amnesia, trauma, and memory, which is currently most loudly reflected in denials, dismissals, silencing, and cruelty. But it holds the potential for empathy, compassion, kindness, and understanding, too. For the spirals are carved of the same intensity, refracted through fear or through love, through darkness or through light.
    I’m heartbroken that so many choose darkness but am heartened that so many — more and more, in fact — are choosing to choose light.
    May iridescent butterflies soon emerge to ride higher frequencies to heal, connect, and repair. xoxo Na’ama