Portals of initiation for today’s brave lightworkers and healers

images (18)We would all agree that the world is fast, frenzied, and chock-a-block with sensory stimuli, challenges, and change. Where is terra firma, we might ask as we bend on our knees, take deep breaths, and straddle that big balancing board called life. We attempt to stay upright, but life does life.

We can find ourselves crumbled on the floor looking up and wondering what just happened; or down a deep, dark rabbit hole unable to see anything clearly; or paralyzed with emotion and unable to make a move.

What has happened? Say hello to your wake-up call.

What? You didn’t ask for one. Well, in an effort to be more aware, your higher consciousness alarm was set. Surprise!

Your life becomes upended in some small or large ways. Your rhythms and patterns are broken. You forget how to take a deep breath. You are no longer on cruise control or automatic pilot; you are very

 a-w-a-k-e now because you must learn to how to balance your life with these new changes.

These changes can be seen as disguised gifts because everything — and I mean everything — is a portal of consciousness, or better said, a portal of initiation into higher vibrations. And by initiation, I mean an action or actions that lead us into something new – a new and expanded way of being and perceiving.

What are some of the portals of initiation facing today’s brave and stalwart lightworkers and healers?


These are surprises that come out of the blue and rock your world in very significant way, such as sudden and serious health challenges; unexpected deaths, losses, and betrayals; and major disruptive schisms of life. You feel as if the floor has been taken out from under you and you are free-falling. You have no railings or safety nets. You are falling, fast.


Your dreams have vanished or become unworkable. You feel disconnected from your intuition, your Higher Self, and/or the Divine. You are thoroughly flummoxed; there are no answers or solutions.

And you feel very, very alone, disconnected, and misunderstood. You have tried. You have tried very hard, but the feelings of being lost and confused only deepen. You are feeling stuck in your muck with no way out.


Darkness is real. It is here. They are punches, threats, attacks, and other negative actions that do occur in response to light-filled actions. Padre Pio (1887-1968), a Catholic monk and the first priest with the marks of the stigmata, was known to wrestle with the demons in his monastic cell at night. He was not the first, nor the last.

These portals are not easy, much less fun. They change you, for better or worse. It is a matter of perception and perspective the degree to which you accept the life events.

However, what looks like bad news can actually take you to a new way of being. These unexpected events are a call to go within, to redouble your faith and, ultimately, believe in yourself and your gifts. These cosmic surprises are a very loud alert to follow your inner wisdom and accept your particular mastery. They serve as a refinement process of allowing the healer and lightworker to align with their Higher Self.

If you have enough stamina and wherewithal to walk through this next presenting portal of initiation, you can learn and grow from your experiences. Even better, you can learn to honor yourself for the light that you share.

You will change. Your life will change and, most importantly, your perceptions will change. For me, those expanded perceptions can bring peace, resolution, and purpose. They encourage me to keep putting one foot in front of the other. They also make me feel better, a part of something bigger, and, even, a contributor to the cosmos as a whole.

Yes, these portals of initiation can be extremely arduous, full of critical ups-and-downs, and seriously test your faith in almost everything.

Take heart. These initiatory portals can also be head-clearing, eye-opening, personally empowering, intuition-enhancing, and heart-expanding. When you step up, the air is clearer and the view is magnificent.

Please stay tuned for Part III, I will offer you some core exercises to help you flex your light.

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2 Responses to Portals of initiation for today’s brave lightworkers and healers

  1. Na'ama Yehuda February 28, 2014 at 11:12 am #

    Thanks for this, Adele. So important, and so true. For, yes … for the good to be distinct, we must KNOW what is bad, and how to recognize it and emerge from it.
    Like the oscillation of a pendulum, the higher we want it to go to one side, the lower it must go to the other. It cannot go up without repeatedly dipping down.
    For light to be defined, we must know the depth of dark. It is the depth of hopelessness that teaches the power of a ray of sunlight and a handhold. It is the horror of cruelty that magnifies an act of kindness and instills the absolute knowledge of the transformative power of empathy and love.
    Let there be light in the darkness. Let there be a handhold in the depths.Let there be love in every place.


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