Report card for Lightworkers and Goodhearted Ones

bluewhirlHello, Lightworkers and Goodhearted Ones, it is report card time and the news is good.

Yes! Yes! Yes! You are making a difference. You are taking full responsibility for your life.

You are doing your inner work and your homework and everything (or almost everything) you can to clear, clear, clear the old, outworn, outdated, and harmful.

You are energetically contributing to the tipping point of a new open-hearted way in the world. You are doing good work. Brava!  There are A’s all around for your excellent work and steadfastness amidst so many rapid changes.

TIME is going faster, it’s speeding away and you want to scream, “Stop. Wait, wait for me to catch up.”  And dear one, there is no catching up. NOW IS THE MOMENT. Enjoy it. Live it. Be here now and push the clutter to the side.

And this time crunch encourages you to focus on YOUR priorities. Take the time and energy you need for you. You are an agent of change. If you are out of kilter, there are ripple effects and repercussions. Like they remind us on planes, in the event of an emergency, use your oxygen mask first.

There is more and more SENSORY OVERLOAD. There is so much to process. There are places where you feel stretched too thin and, even, to the point of breaking. When you feel you can’t handle one more thing, they are three new stressors knocking at your door. What to do? Breathe, ground, and be in the moment. As you gather yourself, you also allow yourself to re-anchor and refocus.

Shaman, Sandra Ingerman has developed a new app called Transmutation (Check out iTunes) that you program to play bells or what-have-you as an alert. The alert asks, “What are you thinking about right now?” with the idea that you are called back to present time. This helps to bring you back to center. And you have the opportunity to pull yourself out of the defeated or beleaguered place you are in and rephrase or reframe the experience for a more positive outcome.

We all know everything, and I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, is part of the big picture. We can’t change the events, but we can manage your response. The more centered we are, the more cognizant we can become of our light work, and, by extension, the more we help ourselves, of course, the more we help others. Sandra encourages us to “find beautiful and fun ways to stay engaged in our spiritual practice and dream our new world into being.”

Playwright, David Mamet says, “And we must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.” Think about it: a whole pie is something we share with others. And, I will tell you that laughter and tears are neck-in-neck with whatever your version of pie is to alleviate stress.

You know this all, but these reminders may help reinforce your priorities as you go forward:

RELATIONSHIPS ARE EVERYTHING. How do we connect and to what degree we can maintain our unconditional acceptance and love for all of our fellow earthlings. It’s not easy. And it is a big part of our work at hand, especially in our polarized, you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me world. The goal, as always, is unconditional love and acceptance.

DON’T FORGET THE BODY; it’s a portal to not only experience our reality, but ground us for more exploration. If we want to be connected on all levels we first need to be connected to our body.

And did you know the latest research says that to be happy and train our brains towards happiness we need two things:

1)  Meditation/quiet time for 20 minutes/day

2) Aerobic exercise for, at least, 15 minutes/day.

KEEP THE FAITH. Believe in yourself; believe in whatever face or name you give the Divine. Believe in the impossible. Believe in the highest vibration. And believe in the power of love.

OPEN YOUR HEART. You have to feel to heal. No feeling = no healing. Connect with others; connect with Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and all sentient beings. Grow compassion, be kind, find appreciation, be grateful, exude joy, and above all accept, accept, accept as this leads to peace. And peace makes space for healing. 

Dearest Ones, keep up the good work and know you are loved beyond measure.

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3 Responses to Report card for Lightworkers and Goodhearted Ones

  1. Adele Ryan McDowell July 9, 2014 at 1:41 pm #

    Thank you, Annie. Right back at you, Sparkly One. Much love

  2. Annie Kane July 8, 2014 at 1:05 am #

    Thank you dear one. You are definitely a light for me.

  3. Na'ama Yehuda July 7, 2014 at 10:42 pm #

    Yes, good reminder, in this time where there are so many who try to fan the flames of hate, of division, of xenophobia of varied designations, of terror, of war, of religion — all smoke screens to the acute reality that we are, all of us, first and foremost, humans. That we are all far more alike than we may like to believe our differences signify us. That we can achieve a lot more together than against. And … that when insanity threatens, we can send out intention to clear a small spot of sane in the whirlwind, and offer love, and if we cannot, at least peace. It will transmute. Become light.