Seven Steps to Navigate the Fall Energies

Ah, fall … it’s a boost to the psyche — and a kick in the pants. Crisp air, cozy sweaters, autumnal trees, and that sense of urgency to go forward and strategize before the year ends and deep winter arrives. The trees laugh and sway in their orange-red glory; their leaves flutter to the ground, leaving a crunchy wake and not-so-subtle reminder that letting go is also part of the deal.
We get rosy-cheeked and amped with the energy of possibilities and completion.

Whether you fall down, fall behind, fall in, fall out, free fall, or fall apart, here are seven steps to help you navigate these swirling times and protect your Best Self:

1. Anchor yourself.

Envision yourself as a magnificent tree with deep roots into the earth. Connect with those deep roots and ground. Pull the grounding energies up into your being and anchor them in your heart. Feel your strength. Claim your rootedness as you anchor yourself. Now, come what may, you are able to withstand whatever cosmic goodies cross your path. You can be the mighty oak….or pine or elm or spruce…secure in your roots and connected to your strength and flexibility.

2. Take time to be quiet.

Quiet has the power to soothe and hold. It can comfort and ease worries and woes. Light a candle, listen to the rain, or sit in sweet silence and allow yourself to be renewed and recharged. It feels pretty swell and even those brainy researchers at Harvard will tell you that regular quiet time tames the wandering mind.

3. Fill yourself with something nourishing.

By this I mean, actions that inspire you, fill you, or support your soul. Think a good book that expands you, a movie that makes you think, a heartfelt conversation, a walk in nature, or singing gleefully to a song that is your anthem. You need to refill yourself frequently. You have no idea how much you energetically give out on a regular basis. So think soul food and nourish yourself. It will serve you well, especially during times of change and upheaval.

4. Be silly.

That’s right, be silly. Have fun. Snort with laughter. It is the fastest stress reliever and will put you in the ever-wonderful now without an “om” in sight.

5. Make a heart connection.

With yourself, your goofy dog, your best friend, connect. It feels warm and wonderful; you feel a part of something. It is exceptionally good medicine.

6. Plug into the Big Energy.

Whatever you call the Big Energy, be it Source, Spirit, Higher Intelligence, it is an available resource that allows us to operate from a higher vibration. We are multidimensional, energetic beings. We get juice when we plug into the Big Energy. So like your taking your morning vitamin, aim to plug in on a daily basis. Be it meditation, a gratitude practice, prayer, yoga, acts of service, compassion, and the like, mindfully make the big connect with Big Energy.

7. Practice radical self-care.

Whether it’s wild weather, upcoming holidays, roller-coaster relationships, deadlines, and challenges, the better your self-care, the easier it is to handle all the incoming. Good sleep, clean food, movement and exercise, time for loved ones, time for play, a weekly electronic and digital time-out, a r-e-a-l day off, and time in nature, all will help you to have a better quality of life. You will also have the physical, mental, and emotional fortitude to deal with the good, the not-so-good, and the occasionally crazy-making. It’s time to get radical.

Ok, we’re prepared. Now, want to go play in the leaves?


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4 Responses to Seven Steps to Navigate the Fall Energies

  1. Adele Ryan McDowell October 30, 2017 at 4:45 pm #

    Sending love right back to you as well. xx

  2. Adele Ryan McDowell October 30, 2017 at 4:44 pm #

    Thanks, dear Adrienne!

  3. adrienne October 27, 2017 at 8:41 am #

    Hi Adele
    Loved the last sentence

  4. Lin Charles October 26, 2017 at 8:58 pm #

    Amen to all of that. Love.