Soul letters: an exercise in discovery

Dear GodP.M.H. Atwater is a well-known spiritual writer and a pioneer researcher in both child and adult near-death death experiences. In her book, Beyond the Indigo Children, Atwater suggests the following writing exercise:

Soul letters” — for ten days, each night before you go to bed, write a letter to God. Pour out your heart, speak as you normally would, then put the letter in a box or drawer, marked “night letters.”

Every morning when you wake up, become God writing you a letter. Just start writing, writing as fast as you can, do not read what you write.  Put this letter in another box or drawer, this one marked, “morning letters.” After the full ten days are up, read all your letters.  Maybe God will speak to you from those letters, but it’s certain your soul will.  Compare nightly musings or complaints with the utterings of morning. The soul is wise, and it will convey needed truths if we give it a “voice”…..”

Doesn’t this sound like a great exercise to try? It’s only 10 days and I suspect we will all feel pretty swell and clearly, more connected once we complete this process.


PS. Thanks to Reverend Colleen for sharing this goodie with me.


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