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What can we do after Orlando?

50 dead, 53 injured. Traumatized survivors. Doubled-over loved ones. A city, a state, a nation reeling in disbelief and horror. The worst mass shooting in US history. This kind of tragedy brings us to our knees. And it gives us pause. What can we do after Orlando? The short answer: love more. It’s that simple. […]

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Kiss it to God

I’m not sure where I came upon this expression. It has become such an Adele-ism that I wonder if I made it up; but, more than likely, the truth is that the deeply resonant words became so absorbed and integrated into my psyche that  I felt ownership and pride. I felt like they were my […]

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Are you Jesus?

Hello, lovies, it is Passover and Easter Week, followed by an astrological Grand Cross. In other words, the energies are percolating. We are going to be called to walk in our integrity, swim the deep waters of reflection and expanded consciousness, and proudly wear our open hearts. Are you ready? I think you have never […]

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