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Messages from the other side

Once upon a time, a woman, let’s call her Shirley, lost her husband to the ravages of cancer. It had been a long and arduous battle. Shirley was completely depleted on every level. After the funeral service, everyone returned to the house. The coffee pot was plugged in; neighbors brought in food. Shirley excused herself […]

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Challenges for today’s brave lightworkers and healers

We are rapidly moving forward with ping-ponging planetary activity. Our world course is hurtling towards a new consciousness. These shifts, changes, and transformations on both the micro and macro levels have not always come easily. Change can sometimes feel counter-intuitive, wrongly timed, unasked for, and just plain bothersome. “Really, me, you want me to do […]

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You were made for this

This fabulous essay is by Jungian analyst, writer, curandera (healer), cantadora (story teller),Clarissa Pinkola Estes, who reaffirms and reminds us of our best selves. She speaks of our soul work that is so greatly needed in these tricky times. Dr. Estes is well-known for her run-away bestseller, Women who Run with the Wolves. You Were Made For This By Clarissa Pinkola Estes My friends, do […]

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