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Katrina Series: Part 6

The Land The closer you are to the coast line, the closer you are to areas where the air smells of death. It is the unforgettable stench of decomposing bodies. The scent stays with you, haunts you into remembering what has transpired on the land. The land holds memories, energies, and unfinished business. There are […]

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Katrina Series: Part 2

Hurry Up and Wait Between the Red Cross insignia to paramilitary blues, an abundance of backpacks, and a willingness to talk to anybody, you could spot the assorted volunteers in the Atlanta airport where many of us converged to fly into Montgomery. Night One is spent at a “professional” motel complete with fire ants, in/out […]

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Katrina Series: Part 1

We have just marked the 10th anniversary of the Katrina disaster and I have been remembering my Red Cross days there. My almost three weeks of deployment were profound and life-changing. Over the next week, I thought I would share with you my memories in a few installments from a 10-year-old piece named, “Undercover Shaman: […]

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