Take heart, Lovies

heartIs your heart in your hand? Are you feeling a tad blue? Are you alone, disenfranchised, and disconnected? Maybe, you have an ex or two piled up like firewood in the corner of your mind?

Is romance relegated to novels? Are you yearning for some spontaneous romp and play…the way it was in your dreams, a past lifetime, or before kids, life, work, forever being tired or achy?

Or would you simply swoon for some substantive human connection on any level?

Valentine’s Day can be tough.

Take heart, Lovies.

Here are five things to remember about Valentine’s Day:

1.      Valentine’s Day is a day of the heart. The heart is not a one-trick pony.

The heart loves in many ways. It is not limited to romance. Our hearts intuitively understand that we can and do love in many ways… with great ferocity, pride, enthusiasm, (com)passion, faithfulness, and vigor.

There is the love of family, friends, four-leggeds, nature, art, music, and literature. There is country-music love, Technicolor love, second-time-around love, unconditional love, divine love, agape — a selfless and spiritual love, stand-by-your-friend love, love of country, love of the cosmos, love of God, love of money, love of self, love of sport, love of the team or party or school or company or church, love of chocolate, and love of an operating system named Her.

Wherever there is connection, there is the possibility of relationship, and, therefore, the potential of love — aka a heart connection filled with passion and commitment — in all of its myriad forms and faces.

2.      Love is a familiar song.

L-o-v-e is a four-letter word with a broad reach. It is a universal song that is sung in a variety of ways. Love helps us to understand one another. We know the melody of love; it resonates with us and is easily recognizable.

3.      Love is like gravity.

Love is an emotional gravity centered in the heart.  Love makes us feel alive. And it can keep us grounded in ourselves and with one another so that we can feel the panoply of feelings so essential to our emotional unfolding, happiness, and healing.

4.      The loving heart is multidimensional.

The loving heart shows its multidimensionality as tenderness, affection, desire, attraction, caring, comfort, service, selflessness, generosity, compassion, kindness, acceptance, sensitivity, joy, and delight.

5.      Love is very good juju.

Love is a force. Love can transform, heal, create change, build bridges, and make peace. It is a palpable, measurable energy.

Loving ways connect us with one another. This makes our lives worthwhile.  We feel good when we operate from a loving, open-hearted place. We feel good when we are the recipient of loving, caring ways.

And when we operate from a full, open, clear, and strong heart in any small or large way, we make a difference in the morphogenic energy field that we all share. In other words, your good, loving vibes add to the light on the planet. That’s good medicine for all.

Happy Heart Day and much love to all!

P.S. Remember: your heart is a very powerful part of who you are. You choose how to use these considerable energies.

Please do not forget to include yourself in all of your loving efforts; perhaps a chocolate heart, a small pot of greenery, a good book to enchant you, or a random act of kindness — whatever lights you up. You have the power.


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2 Responses to Take heart, Lovies

  1. Na'ama Yehuda February 14, 2014 at 7:34 am #

    To you of the big, loving heart–how apt that you would write this! And how right it all is–love is such a multidimensional thing, and hearts are ever so creative with how they can–and do–apply it. Inexhaustible, love is. The truly renewable and renewing resource. We’ll all do well to remember it, use it, and receive it, often with richly. Thank you for this gift of love, Adele, and Happy Heart Day to you, too! 🙂

  2. Meredith Blevins February 13, 2014 at 9:12 pm #

    Thanks for reminding us to gift ourselves on Valentine’s Day, too, Adele…

    love to you — meredith