The best Easter message

My wonderfully wise friend Priscilla attended Easter Sunday services today. She said she was amazed pinkbunnywith - blue-purplethe church roof didn’t cave in given it’s been while. Priscilla left church surprisingly revitalized. She walked out into the sunshine with a memorable take-away from the service. That take-away was “Roll back the stone.” Isn’t that fabulous?

I think this is one of the best four-word Easter messages ever. Don’t we all need to roll back the stones that block our growth? Aren’t each of us ready to climb out of our self-made prisons and embrace rebirth and renewal, efforts most assuredly supported by the spring energies.

Where in our lives can we roll back the stone to jump back into some heretofore dark, unattended, non-animated facet of our lives that is calling for rebirth.

“Roll back the stone” sounds like a great soul message. And, I suggest there is an dreamstime_m_3231199addendum from our souls that might go like this: “Heads up, all you little daffodils, it’s time to grow in the light.”

And so it is.




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