The Case for Sparkle

Oh my God, are you exhausted? I am psychically numb, worn out and, equally, outraged, infuriated and heartbroken with the tone and tenor of our country.

History tells us that there have been dark times like this before. The earth continued on its axis and, as a result, we evolved in consciousness and compassion. That said, this human thing is pretty challenging these days.

The hardest and cruelest part of all of this is the unrelenting divisiveness and vitriol, which are chronically splashed across our respective psyches all day long. How did we get to be in such a critical-mass place where the baser elements with their screaming-memie fears and the purple-faced hatred bubble to the top? We are surviving-certainly, not thriving – in this toxic soup.

This fevered pitch has hit High C. There is seemingly one crisis after another, one outrageous headline after another, one surreal event after another that is absorbed into some kind of fundamentalist-insane normalcy. It is crazy-making.

We are knee-deep in crisis and experiencing fatigue, call it disaster, compassion or, even, combat fatigue. Let’s not kid ourselves, we are played out.

These current times are very rough on the psyche. It feels like we are paddling upstream in a strong current dodging logs, boulders, desiccated carcasses and all manner of grabby-push-us-down tentacles. This calls for radical self-care. Napping is good; temporarily (at least) unplugging from the news is even better. If we get frazzled and overly tired, we act out ourselves. We lose our equilibrium. It all becomes way too hard and we just sink sink sink down to the bottom of own rabbit hole. It’s important to keep ourselves balanced and work hard to minimize our own angst-driven worries and blood pressure-raising ire.

Clearly, this is why we share so many adorable puppy pictures and feel-good stories on Facebook. We need to see the babies and puppies and the kittens and the good-hearted human beings saving the vulnerable and forgotten. Not only does it make us feel better; these feel-good stories are reminders about the best part of ourselves. They give us hope and possibility. They lighten our emotional heaviness.

And that is the magic and power of light. Sparkle is a reflection of our inner light. It’s the light that shines from our eyes when we are filled with love, kindness and generosity. Light speaks to our congruence and resonance with our Best Self. Light ignites our moments – often spontaneous — of courage and compassion, the twin flames of the heart. Light is filled with laughter, joy, love, connection, service and creativity.  Light is transpersonal expression of our soul. Light is an animating force.

Curiously, I’ve noticed is that there is an abundance of 3-D sparkle in our world today. For example, as I do a quick dash through the grocery story, I notice a little girl in pale-blue sequined skirt (along with her tee shirt and sneakers) helping her mom pick out broccoli. In a shoe store window, I see casual shoes covered in a cascade of light-reflecting rhinestones. It seems to me that everywhere I turn there is loads of sparkle and these glittery symbols suggest to me that on a subconscious level we are very much aware that we need more light and soul-filling sparkle in our lives.

In short,


Avoid personal rabbit holes.


Be sparkly (your Best Self).

Wear sparkles (to remind you to be sparkly).

Let the light shine through your heart.

Be a person of integrity and goodness.

Feed your soul.

Remain steadfast.

Nap some more.

Onward, you light-filled being, you.


And, remember, the world needs you in all of your sparkly wonderfulness.




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3 Responses to The Case for Sparkle

  1. Priscilla Anson January 1, 2020 at 6:27 pm #

    Happy New Year, Adele! Keep those fabulous posts coming. Lots of love throughout the year, Priscilla

  2. Na'ama Yehuda January 1, 2020 at 4:36 pm #

    All that, yes! And … it also helps to remember that there are some powers invested in maintaining the crisis-soup in constant roil, and who infuse (infest?) the news and social media with stories that are meant to grab, distress, distract, and keep people in an almost-too-overwhelmed-to-pay-attention-anymore state. It helps to remember that the bad news are real, but that SOME of that bad news (in fact, a lot of what’s propagated on social media) is stories that are either fake news or old news or slanted news that are meant to dilute the REAL bad news so we stop respond to the facts and feel that it is all of it falling about our ears anyway. The false equivalences of equal-ugly in play.
    When in reality, even in this time of crisis, most people are good. Most people seek justice. Most people will help if called on. Most people care.
    And it is important to help take care.
    Of ourselves. Of others. Of balance.
    Here’s to sparkle, and awareness, and light.
    Much love,

  3. Sean O’Brien January 1, 2020 at 11:46 am #

    Just what the doctor ordered as we embark on a new decade. Thanks so much, Adele. I will pass it along.