The power of our multidimensional hearts

Hearts are a multi-purpose system of physical stamina, energetic well-springs, cellular wisdom and sanctuaries for our emotions.

Now, more than ever, in our fractious and divided world we need to be reminded of the power of the heart. It is through the heart that we bridge chasms, find common ground and recognize the humanness in one another.

Our hearts are multidimensional. Hearts can be full, open and strong. Further, our hearts carry the twin flames of courage and compassion and are our strongholds of love and generosity. Unquestionably, this is potent amperage that changes lives and can change the world as well.

Moreover, our hearts offer transcendence through the expansiveness of joy, awe, wonder and, even, heightened intuition.

When broken, our hearts can deepen into vulnerability, sorrow, grief -itself another kind of love- as well as other weighted responses to this thing we call life.  The depths of feelings we experience can become trajectories for transformation, re-alignment and congruence.

“The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.” Joanna Macy

Healing (and, mind you, I am not saying curing) of the body, mind and soul requires each of us to feel our cotton-pickin’ feelings — all of them, the good, the bad and the twisted. We have to feel in order to heal.

And as we walk through the underbrush of our tangled and knotted feelings let us clear, befriend, forgive, accept and make peace with what prevents us from being our Best Self — the self we like to be, the self that knows, down to its toes, that we are all connected.

“You got you a good heart. Run with it. Your whole life you’ve been afraid of yourself.” Barbara Kingsolver, novel Pigs in Heaven


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