Today, I choose puppies

We have choice — always. It’s one of our greatest powers.

What we choose defines our lives. We have choice in how we respond, in how we react, in how we approach what’s before us, in how we focus our attention, in how we honor ourselves and how we expend energies in this heart-pumping, neuron-firing, inhaling-and-exhaling thing we call life. It’s a beautiful, messy affair we are having here on Planet Earth.

However, there are times when there is too much stimuli, too many demands and too little sleep. We need to hit the reset button with whatever returns us to our baseline of balance and neutrality. It can be a good night’s sleep, a satisfying meal, a salt bath, a walk in nature, listening to music, finding silliness and my ever-favorite fallback position: enjoying cute animal pictures. So from my personal stash, obviously lifted way-back-when from Facebook, here is one that makes me smile. For me, puppy pictures are a splendid coping response to an upside-down world.

Go gently, and with great consideration. Every choice matters.


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