Welcome, Class, to Advanced Uncertainty

being emotional-fearIs your world more down than up? Has sideways become your new vertical? Have your health, sanity, relationships, future plans, money, housing and/or employment concerns been in bucking-bronco states of flux? Have global warming, political warring, economic forecasting, ecological nightmares and cresting costs-of-living upped your blood pressure, lowered your sleep quotient and played havoc with your moods? Are you cranky, hypervigilant and more fearful than you care to admit? Is it mind-numbing to ascertain what is or what isn’t dangerous in your food, environment or medicine cabinet? Do you wonder what the devil has happened to your world and is your life going to hell in a hand-basket faster than you can shout a four-letter expletive?

Welcome, Class, to Advanced Uncertainty.

You are an advanced soul to be here. Please know that you have logged many a lifetime and buckets of experiences to earn your spot in this graduate course. You are the crème de la crème — granted it may not feel like it at this very moment as you constantly juggle chaos, crisis and uncertainty. Not only have you earned this placement, you also volunteered, brave souls that you are. You have volunteered to shepherd the new high-vibratory, co-operative, peace-making energies into the world.

Further — and I ask you to refrain from tossing tomatoes at my head at this juncture – all of your daily concerns and issues hold your fingerprint. No, I am not blaming you. I am reminding you that on a soul level you co-created these energies and experiences because they are the fastest, most expeditious and direct way for your soul to grow and develop. And growing pains (and the attendant panic) frequently come with this soul growth package. Ouch, right?

Yes, there is hand in the back of the room?

How do we deal with all of this raging uncertainty?

Excellent query. Here are some possible ways to help you refind your balance amidst the upside-down roller coaster of life:

That’s right. No pushing, no judging, no micromanaging or over thinking. There is no forcing to be had. Simply go with the flow and follow the energies that present themselves. Allow yourself to surrender to the universal oneness.

1. What makes me feel safe? Is it being in nature, surrounded by others, trust in the invisible realms, or a deep connection with a certain someone? Perhaps it is room to breathe, space to run, time to be or togetherness with others? Maybe it is having a Swiss Army Knife, a first aid kit, some cash, food, water or chocolate?

2. What makes me feel sane? What are your personal grounding elements that make you feel less scattered, overwhelmed or crazy? What helps you mentally and emotional reboot? Perhaps it is creating order, making beauty, being understood, having choices, being heard, expressing yourself, discretionary time, a place to clear your head, a heartfelt conversation and the like.


This is essential to your well-being. Here is a bouquet of how-to’s. See what resonates with you.
a. Align yourself with present time, present tense and the present of the present. In other words, be in the here and now.

b. Operate from your heart space. Allow yourself to become more open, compassionate and intuitive as you check in with your heart first.

c. Search for joy.

d. Practice gratitude; it changes your vibration.

e. Smile from the inside out.

f. Practice self-love. This is not psychobabble. This is an important concept and one that is very hard to practice and incorporate into your thinking. Remember: you carry a spark of the divine within you. Honor that. Acknowledge that. See, sense, feel or know that. Act from that place of non-judgment and total, compassionate acceptance. This is, indeed, graduate work; make no mistake about this.

g. Surrender your personal remote control of the universe. That’s right; let it go. Drop it, please, and step away from the device

And, Class, for all of you hard-working, over-achieving souls, here is your homework assignment:

1) Answer the two questions: What makes you safe? What makes you sane?
2) Practice several of the aforementioned methods given to anchor the light.
3) Clock in three separate experiences of having fun — laughter must be included — weekly.


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4 Responses to Welcome, Class, to Advanced Uncertainty

  1. Adele Ryan McDowell March 17, 2016 at 3:45 pm #

    I totally get it. A morning ritual and the oomph of caffeine. You go, girl!

  2. Adele Ryan McDowell March 17, 2016 at 3:42 pm #

    Such fabulous news!! Good for you! you are a natural at walking and talking with the energies. Thanks for such beautiful words. Much much love.

  3. Lin Nesheim March 16, 2016 at 10:57 pm #

    Lovely, lovely to see that you are home, in one piece (peace), and back to give us your loving advice! I am in a much better place. Have taken your advice and bonded with the metaphysical. Many, many changes in my life. Most of which are due to your sage advice. Dear Adele, you have made me sane, you have made me safe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And welcome home! Much love always to my personal angel! ?

  4. Stefania Masoni March 16, 2016 at 4:58 pm #

    Thank you Adele for the class code, phew.
    Do I sound meek if an Iced Americano makes me feel safe today?