Who’s Adele

Bright Colorful Rainbow Sugar Star Shaped Cupcake CandiesDo you know the word “opsimath”? It describes a person who learns late in life. I used to think of myself as your basic late bloomer, which I am. But have now expanded my thinking to realize that every experience has been a requisite part in the unfolding of my consciousness and the opening of my heart. There is no late or early, there just is. And, happily, we are all in this cosmic learning curve together.

And being the gabby Gemini that I am (with Scorpio rising so I like the deep, metaphysical, and taboo topics; and with my moon in Pisces, I feel most everything), I like to share what I learn or where I have tripped and, even, when I am hunkered down in a corner; hence, this blog.

I come with a combination of experiences: corporate America, crisis intervention, psychology, energy medicine, higher consciousness, and big picture spirituality.

My goal is to help us to make sense of our fast-paced world by using the power of our hearts to look through our big view finders. A new perspective can change anything as well as lighten the load. We are going to learn the lessons of joy and open the doors to new portals and realms. We are going to remember to breathe, and, above all, we are going to have fun.

And, clearly, my friend the Penguin helps me to not take myself so seriously. There is understanding, mystery, and fun afoot.