Why The Penguin

penguinsoniceWell, I could tell you that I prefer the colder climes, wear a lot of black and white, and can relate to the waddle action, but that is not the story. The truth of the matter is that I was guided by one of my Invisible Allies.

Penguins, really?

Penguins have a lot to teach us about diving deeply into our interior realms, slip-sliding into other dimensions, the balance between work and play, plus the link between the physical and the spiritual. All of these are excellent, and necessary, lessons for our 21st century lives.

Penguins cover a wide area of symbolic territory:

Ted Andrews of Animal Speak fame tells us that penguin totems represent play, perseverance, lucid dreaming, astral projection, and out of body experiences.
Given that the penguin slows its heart in order to survive the extreme cold, some theorize that the penguin represents the primal heartbeat that connects us all. (I really like the thought of this.)

Penguin energy is said to represent hardiness, free flowing intuition, a sense of humor and self-protection through playfulness. (And who doesn’t need this kind of energy in today’s world?)

According to Foxfeather, the penguin is a symbol of agility, drive and purpose. Penguin medicine teaches us the ability to move freely between realities and situations, and to replace chaos with order.

These days, life is fast and challenging as well. Who couldn’t use a little Penguin energy to navigate the incoming surprises and mysteries? And in the process of expanding our thoughts and widening our hearts, we are going to have some fun.